Walnut Burl 50 ct.

The design of our Walnut Burl humidor is classically inspired. The character of each piece derives from painstaking attention to detail and the artistic flair of our Master Craftsmen in selecting and book matching only the most exquisite and interesting veneer. The humidor framed in natural mahogany. The walnut burl veneer grows as a wild species in mixed forests ranging from southern Europe to India having been first introduced to Asia Minor by the Romans. It can vary in color from light brown to nearly black, sometimes incorporating the full range of colors in a single piece with dramatic patterns, figures and swirls.

The Walnut Burl humidor is presented in three sizes; small, medium and large. The medium and large sizes include a top drawer. All sizes include dividers, a key lock and of course a humidification device.


Medium " 13.80 L x 9.75 W x 6.5 H.

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