The Windsor 160

Diamond Crown St. James Humidors Feature:

Diamond Crown Humidification System with IMAS
The secret of the IMAS (Invisible Magnetic Attachment System is twofold- The Metal plate built into the lid underneath the wood veneer and the magnets placed behind the DIAMOND CROWN Humidification System. The Magnetic field created allows these devices to be affixed to the humidor inside lid without the use of velcro- invisibly.

Quadrant Hinges:
Quadrant Hinges limit the humidor lid to about 95 degrees of travel, just past the vertical point, so the lid stays up. In addition, these high quality hinges offer a much more smooth transition and movement, with a tighter seal than traditional hinges.

Lattice Aeration Rack:
Exclusive to the St. James Series, these aeration racks increase the airflow in the humidor to not only help maintain proper humidity and temperature, but also allow for the continuous flow of oxygen for maximum humidor efficiency.

Heavy Construction with 11/16\ Wall Thickness:
The St. James Series humidors offer substantial construction with greater wall thickness than some traditional wood humidors for added durability and longevity.

The Most recent addition to the exquisite Diamond Crown St. James series humidors. The Drake
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