Count: 50

Wenge is a beautiful African wood, that grows (in Gabon, Cameroon, Congo and Zaire, concentrated) between Stanley Pool and Kiwu, in the province of Ecuador and in the area around Kinsantu. Darkening from light to coffee brown and then to black violet, the satin open-grain texture of the Wenge contrasts beautifully with hand - polished mother of pearl pastilles housed in polished metal eyelets evocative of Saxophone.

The Musical theme is continued with the Ebony Macassar version where the beautiful Ebony Veneer chosen this time for its subtle stripes of darkest brown and deepest black. Clarinet (esque) and contrasting more sharply with the hand- polished pearl and metal saxo keys. Simple and elegant, contemporary and classic.

Black and Ivory complete a musical melange. The Saxo is available in piano-black lacquer (with a metallic surprise) and finally a soothing Ivory lacquer to complement and connect with both ebony and piano black. All with hand polished pearl and metal saxo keys. A musical fantasia.

Dimensions: Medium size only "
13.80 L x 9.75 W x 6.5 H
Saxo Black and Ivory
Saxo Wenge and Saxo Macassar

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