Davidoff humidors are synonymous with perfection in both workmanship and design. Now, the Davidoff Office humidor has taken this a stage further. What is most striking about these exceptionally flat models is their timeless elegance and modern design " qualities that make them perfect display items for the office. Sculpting such a wooden box out of the finest solid mahogany is no mean feat, and requires both exceptional craftsmanship and expertise. The sleekness of these humidors is further enhanced by the long stripy grain of the veneers made of choice macassar or palisander. Each Davidoff Office humidor has three partitions and can be used to store approx. 50 cigars in ideal climatic conditions. Both the hinges and the elegant grip bearing the Davidoff flourish with which the Office humidors are opened are palladium- or gold-plated.

Size: 14 1/4 x 9 1/2 x 3 15/16 inch
Capacity: 25 cigars
Further information: Palisander / Macassar

Product Number:091131

Call 248-647-4555 for pricing and ordering information.

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